Hard Wired

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I realised on my business coaching trip to Bali last week that I was different to other people, and I dont mean that in a negative or positive way, just different. I wondered how much my sheer determination to get my ‘wellness movement’ where it needs to be is the driver of my ‘point of difference’?. Or the fact that I know how many people rely on me to be the emotional ‘Regulator’ (insert Warren G music), so I am not allowed to fall down. Ever.

It was a tough week both psychologically and emotionally, many participants attending the conference struggled hard core. Its hard to look at yourself with all your vulnerabilities with a microscope and pelt stones at yourself (AKA face punches) to see where you end up. But I stood unmoved. I didn’t even flinch. When the bar was moved higher I just put my head down and worked. Could it be all the Goony Hill bike stacks that created this ‘hard wired’ approach to succeeding? I dunno, but it really made me think about who I am as a person.

When my coach (AKA B Rickers) asked my what my internal barriers were I couldn’t answer him. I was stumped. He was basically asking me “what stops me from achieving”. He was asking someone who engages in almost an hour of imagery each morning at the gym about building the biggest wellness movement Australia has ever seen, about what might get in the way of that? I had effectively ‘trained my brain’ to not even contemplate the possibility of failure. It became really obvious to me in that moment that I had ‘hard wired’ myself. There were no barriers, it was just not an option to fail in my mind. This was the same woman who ran half a marathon with with worst heel spurs anyone had ever seen, did I think about ‘not’ making it. Hell no. My mind would not allow it.

Mind set is a bloody powerful tool. It can be the difference between believing you are the greatest or the shittest person in the world, which is why healthy mindset is so important. I mean, I know you guys hear Psych Chrissy banging on about ‘mindset’ all the time and I do honestly believe that its is the essence of wellbeing. But when it occurred to me that I never contemplated what would prevent me from achieving my goals as it wasn’t an option to fail it really hit me how powerful those messages I had been talking to everyone about were. Mind set is everything.

I often sit unmoved in my prison group treatment room also, when angry men are hurling abuse at me for picking ‘on their brains’. I have dodged a flying chair or two, the heart pumps, but I am still psychologically unmoved. Why does this happen? Ok….. I am scared of mice but I am not sure that counts. Anyways, I still think it is mindset. So my message to everyone is get your ‘unmoved mindset’, you need to work for it, but its bloody handy especially when shit is hitting the fan. I am so grateful for the mindset I have created for myself. Using my mindfulness practice and engaging in positive imagery of myself have been the key tools. I bring both mindfulness and imagery into my prison and private practice work because I want the same for all my clients. Success. Getting a f&*% yes life. I want that for everyone, because I have it and I cant bear to think that others dont have it or struggle to get it on the daily….

So, Im coming for ya mindset peeps. Im going to build a freaking fort knox in there to get you where you need to go because its so powerful. Its the difference between failure and success. On the conference we were given a quote by Henry Ford, it was “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t , you’re right”.

So hang onto your mindset guys because Psych Chrissy’s coming at ya with her mindset ‘power tool’ to get you all sorted!

Loves ya! I promise it wont hurt a bit…..

Your Mindset ‘Tim the Toolman Taylor”

Psych Chrissy

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