The Man Drought


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Psych Chrissy is experiencing a man drought…. But there’s a bigger problem at hand, besides the fact I don’t have clean socks to wear on any given day let alone have time to go on a date to meet my future Ken Doll.

My wellness centre, my yoga classes and self development workshops are full of women and it worries me. What are men doing about self care? Very bloody little if you ask me. Why are men SO afraid to get support or to work through their struggles with professionals. Lets call it the ‘man code’ or the “masculinity pissing contest” where asking for help, taking care of themselves or talking about emotions aint the done thing.

People say we have come a long way from the ‘beer can crushing on foreheads’ as being the best means of male emotional expression, but seriously we have not. Not far enough. Guys, I promise you can leave the tight active wear at home, if you just come to yoga and learn some chill. The fear of being the only man in the class has been thrown about commonly when I talk to men about coming to learn to self regulate via yoga and mindfulness practice. But you will sit in the local TAB or watch the local football alone?

One of the most consumed videos Infinity Wellness ever posted about the day spa was of my MALE Personal Trainer coming to trial a Hydromicrodermabrasion facial, to try and de-stigmatise male facial treatment. How many bookings for men do you think we got even though over 3k people watched it. ZIP! Not one. Many guys said to me they’d come if they could attend after hours, with no people around AND only if they were guaranteed anonymity. They wanted healthy skin but they were too scared someone would see them.

Fear of vulnerability is holding you back and thats not ‘being tough’, its being pig headed. Id love to see men consuming more psychology, self development, skin treatment, yoga, ALL the good stuff!!! If I can get 12 heavily tattooed blokes lying on the floor of a prison practising mindfulness, I can get the Sunbury blokes to start consuming wellness.

When prison based offenders often tell me at the end of their programs that they will look for a psychologist upon release to help them, Ive done my job. The have consumed psychology from me in a positive manner and still got to keep their kahoonies. Well some of them at least, cos when Psych Chrissy gets firing the kahoonie hammer comes down. I do love engaging men in psychological treatment. My rough and tumble style of psychology is something they have often not seen before and they feel comfortable with it.

So brace ya bojangles boys because the Psych Chrissy wellness movement got her eye on you!

Its time to get ‘tough’ on wellness

Your Kahoonie Crusher

Psych Chrissy

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