Enter the Torture Zone



Photo 10-5-18, 9 12 32 pm


Ok for anyone who has ever attempted a diet cleanse…. what the f&*$ are we thinking. I like to give my body a tune up every 2-3 months so when the quarter rolled around I braced myself for another admission to the ‘torture zone’.

My colleague and fellow Mind Body Bootcamp facilitator is mad for them. So I sign up to her programs and start channelling all that ‘mind body is a temple’ garb. I am into day 4 and its always a freakin roller coaster as anyone who has every attempted diet modification knows… Change be HARD man!!

So lets reflect on Monday- Day 1. Day 1 of no coffee. I cried and banged on my car window as I drove past my local coffee drive through. Life was so unfair, they say caffeine is no good for the gut. But WHY tho!!!! I sniffed hard out the car window trying to get me some caffeine osmosis but it no worky. By 12pm I had coffee rage and people were scurrying away from me.

Day 2, Im hungry man. Not just the usual hungry. Like the hungry you get when you literally could take out the whole human population with the smell of a Dorito. I found myself chewing on the chunky bits of my ‘not mixed enough’ protein shake wondering whether that would be considered a meal.

Day 3 the body thinks 3.45am is am ay-ok wake up time, WTF! Its amazing what happens then your body is not breaking down all the crap found in unhealthy foods. Not that I eat a lot of unhealthy foods, but when you only put in clean stuff in the bod the engine runs a lot more efficiently and apparently it no longer needs as much rest. So this week, my body has been up with the monks and some ungodly hour all because it dont need extra sleep! Body needs to pipe down I say.

This night, I get horribly intense ‘mother of g’ style sugar cravings. ‘Come to meeeeee’ the Aldi dark chocolate sitting in my fridge whispers. I bolt my head upright from my computer screen wondering if my Aldi Chocolate is OK in there… I should eat it, keep it safe you know? Ah no, thank you mind but your not foolin Psych Chrissy.

As I come into the weekend, I am worried. I don’t mind a vino or two, with some Thai green curry and a block of Aldi Dark.. Its my happy place. But some cleanse lunatic decided that food happy zones were full of ‘gut health’ killers and that we should avoid them at all costs. Maybe just for Friday and Saturday I say?  Who knows! But I am going to keep the cleanse struggle real for as long as I can… Whoever does this stuff on the regular is a bloody legend.. Mind set is the key..

Hopefully my gut turns into a Garden Of Eden at this rate!

Your ‘Aldi Dark’ lover

Psych Chrissy

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