Sign Me Up Sally

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I pretty much spend my time fighting and convincing people that they can live a freakin amazing life if they choose to. So when someone runs at you, without the fight, its a bloody miracle. I was on the front desk of my wellness centre this week, when a brand new client left her yoga session, marched straight to the front counter and demanded to sign up for a wellness membership. Before she had even finished her trial.

I must admit, my eye balls were hanging out my head, I was doing yet another graveyard shift after losing more staff and I was feeling tired. But in that moment, when (lets call her) ‘Sign Me Up Sally’ approached me at the desk, I was instantly energised.

Selling wellness is a tough game. People are full of excuses and resistance, they struggle to prioritise themselves. Often to get a wellness membership sign up I would spend on average 5 conversations, a few follow up calls, 6 videos of myself stepping in dog shit and 3456 facebook messenger jokes just to get one. But Im bloody persistent. I believe in what I am selling 100%. I KNOW there is a better way for people.

So when ‘Sign Me Up Sally’ blew me away over on the front desk, I asked her what her motivation was to sign up straight away. I mean, I KNOW I have a kick arse wellness program, but how did she manage to know that after just a couple of sessions. She told me ‘it was the right time’, she said when she met me in the Sunbury Square (the local shopping centre) hustling the absolute shit out of myself, that she ‘knew’ coming to my wellness centre was the right thing to do.

I f$%#ing live and breathe this stuff, and when someone ‘gets it’ I feel like belting out a Whitney Houston (when her voice was good) tune at the top of my lungs. In this moment, I instantly inserted my tired eye balls back into my head and got excited. Not everything is a battle when you believe in something so much. Eventually it will catch on. People will start to ‘get it’. You will build your tribe. Bring the energy and ‘your people’ will follow. This week I launched my podcast. The support has been astounding.

I often talk about the highs and lows of living your life being the best version of yourself that you can. Doing what you love. So when moments like these happen but I am tired and worn out I give myself a big kick up the arse and keep moving.

The “Sign Me Up Sally’s” are a rare breed but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the challenge of a person who cant see what I see, about being well or living their life differently. It is my job to lead the way and turn the lights on for them.

So Cheers to “Sign Me Up Sally”, you don’t know this but you gave me the butt kick I needed to stop trying to snooze on my front counter for the moment, or forget that I am doing a good job.

Much love to you girlfriend!

Your Whitney Houston Impersonator

Psych Chrissy


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