From Psych Chrissy to Psych Chrissy



I often ‘dont have time’ to do my own yoga classes. I know, whatta cop out. I am laughing inside because I bloody tell people off all the time for making the same excuse. I freakin make videos on that exact excuse and how much a load of b/s it is. But last Sunday I stopped believing my own b/s and went to our Sunday session yoga.

Now I remember when my Sunday sessions used to consist of long days spent in a beer garden, partying to the wee hours. Feeling deathly sick and hungover the next day and dragging my butt to work. Well aint those days bloody over!! Haha now I barely get time watch a Netflix show with a vino in hand…

As soon as I entered the room my face began smiling and an overwhelming sense of ‘calmmmmmmm’ came over me. Its funny you know, in a place where I often experience worry, uncertainty and the rigours of everyday hard work, I had forgotten that the essence of my wellness centre was one of ‘calm’. I had forgotten that this was what I was about. Giving stillness to people, helping them cope with the day to day. In the vein of ‘all the busy’ I had forgotten that I too, was supposed to be doing this stuff!

When I stand in my yoga room, rubbing shoulders with the people that support me to support them, I feel like f$%^ing exploding with pure joy. I still cant tell whether my calmness is a result of recognising the impact that my wellness centre has on people or whether Im bloody good at Mindfulness. Haha with my hyperactive mind I would safely say it is definitely NOT that I am good at Mindfulness.

So I was at peace with myself for an hour. Last Sunday. I lay on the floor breathing out all the bullshit that had been flung in my face that week, and I was happy. I think I need to make it a regular thing. I know all my yogis are laughing right now in a sarcastic manner saying ‘Ya think!?, practice what ya preach yooooooo’.

Sometimes we do not always do the things we are supposed to be doing to make ourselves happy. I would say that 99.9 percent of the time I am giving to others because this makes me happy. But I need appreciate that giving to myself is giving to others (cough cough, again another message I have preached in my videos).

So let this be a lesson from Psych Chrissy to Psych Chrissy. Get yo wellness in check biatch and stop making excuses. Im calling my own bullshit, its about time! We all probably need to do this.. Return to purpose! An old supervisor of mine used to say this all the time.

So watch out, Im back on the mattttt and loving it!

Your long time bullshit breath-outerer

Psych Chrissy

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