The Complaints Bureau

My staff are not allowed to complain at Infinity Wellness Centre, it’s a rule I have. Instead, they find me solutions to their problems. When I first started out in business the problems hit me thick and fast. The only way I survived and how I still survive is to constantly look for answers instead of sitting in problems.

I’ve never been much of a complainer. Pretty much broke my finger on a Mexican Booze Cruise… no complaino ese pass me the tequila. I contracted Guardia in south East Asia but continued to travel almost in a nappy… seeing the sights with a smile on my green face. The only holiday I returned 8kgs lighter. No complaints there.

I met with a mate the other day who told me that part of her workplace culture was that if you weren’t complaining you were part of the ‘conversation’. I mean, what the f$&@. How do you get anything done if you just sit there complaining? It’s like ‘stuck mode’ on steroids. You cannot move forward if you are focussed on complaints.

My main man Gary Vaynerchuk bloody haaaaaaates complaining. He calls complaining a zero return on investment. I agree. I found myself at one stage living in a garage in my early 20s, it was no-ones problem but my own. I remember it being a real low point. I had minimal heating it was the middle of winter. Before starting work at sometimes 5am I was negotiating snails in the garden trying to run into the house for a shower. I was also full time at uni. It was the point where I decided I’d never be homeless again. And by 30 years old, I had purchased 4 houses of my own.

They say if life gives you lemons you turn them into lemonade. I do it constantly. There’s always a way it’s just up to you to find it..

So brace the garden snails trendsetters they may lead to opportunity… like in my case.. just don’t step on them in bare feet.

Your garage dweller

Psych Chrissy

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