Slim Shady

Sometimes I need to be told to sit the feck down. I often have moments in career and business life when I throw internal Britney Spears tantrums about why I am not moving as fast paced as I would like. I think my ideas are awesome, sometimes the market tells me they are not.

I came to ask this week- ‘Would the real slim shady please stand up’ (insert Eminem beat here). I would be what you call a ‘jack of all trades master of none’ this is what I have learned this week. I do sh$#loads of things in my business. I am a psychologist, a skin obsessor, a terrible yogi video maker, a motivational speaker, a crazy sales person, a health promotion addict, a wellness entrepreneur…. But what am I really? I need to work out what I am and stick to it… This is what famous entrepreneur ‘Rusty’ Russell Brunson said to me this week (via his podcast peeps calm down Im not THAT famous).

So here I am. I am trying to work out what I offer most to the community, my business to my legacy and I cant even work out what colour skittle to eat. It was refreshing to hear Rusty say this week that he almost went bankrupt twice trying to find out who he was in business and what he wanted to he ‘known for’. I connected with this, because it is me right now. I often grind in my business on the bones of my arse trying to do exactly the same thing.

I also need to stay humble. I have been promoted from eating baked beans (click here to read about my promotion) and I get to live my dream everyday whilst still having a roof over my head. So I really do need to sit the feck down when I start throwing tantrums wondering why I am not Richard Branson yet. They often say its the journey and not the destination. Are you trying to get somewhere but not appreciating the travel required to get there? I totally get it. Its like, can I please get an express ticket because this stopping at all stations scenario is really giving me the shits.

So bare with me blog readers, I am undergoing an identity crisis in my quest to take over the wellness world with my crazy Psych Chrissy energy. Maybe you could tell me who I am and what I do best? Could we run a family feud survey!? Because I bloody love a survey! Who is Psych Chrissy……. and the survey says……… ‘to be continued’….

Help Me Out Y’all

Identify Confused

Psych Chrissy (if that really is who I am)

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