Ladies Be Cra?

Often as a psychologist people ask me if I think they are going  ‘crazy’. A lot this week, I have had people ask me this in the context of them having an emotional reaction to an event which….. well.. would typically warrant some form of emotional reaction!! I feel like its totally normal to have a Lindsay Lohan meltdown when you feel the world of responsibility, emotional pain and overwhelm crash over you. Everyone needs a Lindsay Lohan Meltdown every now and again.

People be so crazy about their emotions. But often their reaction is a reaction to their reaction. If that makes sense. In the business world I watch extraordinary women having emotional reactions being triggered by “not having their shit together” when they are running ‘several businesses’, have a number of children, run a household, and maintain a relationship. How is that not having your shit together? And yes, insert an emotional meltdown which can occur on occasion because I think its totally relative to circumstance.

In the world of “be everything to everyone and f$%#ing nail it” we lose sight that we are just human. In the female world, the expectations we place upon ourselves are huge, relentless and unforgiving. I spent hours in my private practice alleviating concerns that women have “not ruined” their children, they don’t have to feel guilty about “taking time for themselves” and that it is ok to have minor freak outs about being caught wearing PJs to the school drop off.

I had to laugh the other day when the comedian Christian Hull made a re-enactment of mums at ‘Book Week’. His hilarious role playing was about how mum’s would not cope with not having created the “best costume” for their child for Book Week. So he screeched and shrieked with his blonde wig in true ‘mummy style’ fashion in his/her pursuit for creating the best costume. It was funny, but it was bloody true. When you are a psychologist ‘behind the scenes’ in woman’s life you get a true appreciation of events that can trigger a full Tim tam eating mode, and enduring unrealistic expectations of oneself is definitely on the list!

I want the ladies to chill. Your f%^$ing nailing it in my books but stop being an enemy to yourself. Its ok to feel and its ok to freak. You are not crazy. Every ladies’ “behind the scenes” is different, and it may not be how you imagine. The palace is not often a palace and the clothes are not folded neatly.

So grab your book week costume and lets get our freak on!

Its ladies night…. and we’ll cry if we want to!!

Your favourite Tim Tam Supplier

Psych Chrissy

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