The Imposter

How the f%$# did I go from being a new business owner to presenting at a Salon Growth Seminar in less than 18 months? As I crazily prepared my presentation and got my new coaching flyers prepared this week, this is exactly what I was thinking….

I think the little ol’ ‘self doubt’ creeps in on everyone from time to time and in that moment of doubt I wondered exactly how I had earned my spot on that stage. My craft has been forensic and clinical psychology, but in more recent times I have become obsessed with the world of business psychology. I supposed you’re wondering why the hell would anyone become obsessed with business psychology, but when I was seeing my business comrades flailing and screaming out for help, for all the wrong things…..I had to take action.

We often think we need more ‘things’ or resources to be successful in business.. You know, things like time, strategies, knowledge or certain programs. But what I saw was that these people needed ‘coping’ and emotional resource to be able to better utilise and implement those ‘resources’. Business owners were becoming so distraught about not being to execute all the ‘strategies’ because they were dribbling tears into their cereal bowls each morning screaming “I cant f$#%ing do this anymore”.

If you are not firing on all cylinders you cant lead the charge. There has been a number of times over the last 18 months where I have felt that I was not firing on all cylinders. But in digging myself out I learned what it took to function as a successful business owner, not just because I was a psychologist, but because I had friggen done it and continue to do it!

I think the “business coaching” world has unfortunately has become one of all talk no action. Not enough “coaches” out there have walked the talk and many have no mindset management expertise greater than a Tony Robbins handbook. I do not say that to dis anyone and nor does it apply to everyone, and it only comes from my own personal experience of being consistently let down by those individuals very early in my new business days. It seems that the new 2018 thing to do is to become a “business” or a “life” coach and I think its dangerous. I have learned now to decipher the wolves in sheeps clothing. Social media is now bombarded with people making false promises to change your life, and these people often have very little substance to actually do so.

I umm-ed and arr-ed about writing this blog as I didn’t want to draw the ire of people who felt self conscious or attacked by what I was saying. But I choose to focus on my own self assuredness that I am here, I am capable, I can lead others and I have the skills. I have also chosen to stand beside the actual “coach” that helped me get there, the crazy bastard who invited me on the stage in the first place. Deep down I know I have earned my place on that stage, and I am going to f$#%ing nail it.

Your sobbing cereal bowl destroyer

Psych Chrissy

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