Handcuff Christening



Little did I know in my early days that when I was herding huge groups of remand prisoners into an orientation room to talk to them about programs, I was actually preparing myself for big things later in life.

I bloody hated that Orientation. It was like tap dancing in front of a bunch of angry pirates who just wanted nothing more than to get out of the room and tell me to stick my programs up my ar$%. And that was often the case. You would be heckled and stared at, sometimes even intimidated by those men who were not at all interested in what I had to say.

Lets just say my ‘Christening’ into public speaking was one of the most nerve racking variety. But most Mondays, I would drag myself into  that room, tame the hecklers and come hell or high water, tell the prisoners about programs that would help them.

In engaging in my first public speaking engagement on Wednesday at the Salon Growth Seminars, I was told that I was a ‘natural’ public speaker. These people did not know that I was trained in a ‘toughest playground of them all’. I was not a natural public speaker, I had just learned to project my voice and command attention, to avoid walking the plank! The prisoners I have worked with other the years have no idea how much they have contributed to my self development and how far they have pushed me to get better at engaging ‘the people’.

My ability to command the room is driven by passion to help others. I want people to listen to what I have to offer, whether they are ready to hear it or not. So as my voices booms out over the people, deep down I am hoping there’s someone out there that can connect and find value and maybe in some relief, in what I am telling them. Thats my whole purpose in life. It is why I can quell any anxiety about standing up and talking in front of a crowd because I am so desperate for that connection it overrides everything else.

Yesterday I was pumped by the nodding heads, the claps and the laughs I was getting from Salon Owners who had come to see what we had to offer. Little did they know that I was probably getting more than they were. As I enter a new chapter of my life, the one of business mindset and increasing performance I am pumped to have learned from the toughest ‘mindset’ customers around… the prison population..

So Cheers for the angry pirate stares boys!

Your Mindset Ar** Kicker

Psych Chrissy

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