Never Say Die



I think it was about 4 months ago that I was screaming as loud as I possibly could in my bedroom for someone to help me. I was channelling any the dead person that had been important to me, any god that would listen, and possibly a few very confused neighbours. It was another low point.

You have these periods on business where the world is caving in on you. Even though I had a time where I was eating sausages and baked beans I have been no way out of the woods. In the wellness industry, winter kills you. Especially a start up business that is less than 18 months old. But in the background, we have been slowly building the little day spa that could and I was getting obsessed and quite good at facebook marketing. The Yogis may have been asleep (or in winter hibernation AKA the yoga studio is dead), but in Spring I was coming for them.

I write this because theres a misconception out there that as a business owner, a psychologist, and wellness entrepreneur that I always have my shit together. There are moments where I am rolling on the floor of my bathroom wondering when the gut wrenching will stop. Sometimes my head is exploding behind the front counter and my eyeballs feel like they are going to fall out of my head but I keep going, Theres no option.

Now we fast forward three months later and its a 3 week wait to get a skin treatment in my clinic. The Yogis have arisen and are booking out the Yoga sessions. I am presenting at Salon Growth Seminars about how to achieve the ultimate business mindset for achieving the holy grail, business success. This business game is a f$%^ing rollercoaster and moves in the most unpredictable ways. My bookkeeper confessed to me last night that there had been times in my business where she was fearful that I was not going to make it. I told her I was always going to make it, it was just a matter of when. I think its this ultimate belief in myself that I will get what I want, is what gets me what I want. Mindset and Mindset alone. Self Belief is f$%#ing everything.

Life can change in an instant, the only recipe required is hard work, a never say die attitude and pure relentlessness. I am about to starting re-building business owners mindset from the ground up and recently launched my ‘Boss On Fire’ business psychology and mindset coaching. I am pumped. I can build them as Ive built my own watertight mentality that failure is a perception totally controlled by the psyche. You decide. Win or lose. You decide.

This month I am winning, but I am ready for the next bout. The gloves never come off, I just loosen them from time to time. Theres an old saying ‘This too shall pass’, whether its good or bad nothing stays the same and we must be as bendy as a barbie doll to thrive in this world.

So the sausages are back baby! But this too shall pass….

Your Psyche Buddha

Psych Chrissy





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