The Transformation

Every now and then when people do what they are told they reap the absolute benefits. Enter: Katelyn- our Mind Body Bootcamp Ambassador. She came to the Wellness Centre many months ago and over time, has been slowly rebuilding her self esteem and confidence to take the final leap- to join The Mind Body Bootcamp.

To say she was absolutely sh*%ing herself coming into the program was an understatement. Her and I had spent some months talking about her entry into the Bootcamp, how would she cope, what did it involve, when would it start… Katelyn likes to ask mannnnnnny questions. Katelyn had a range of emotional challenges coming into the Bootcamp. She was a binge eater from way back and her and physical exercise were not exactly best friends.

But she did one thing that I have to truly admire. She trusted us to be able to assist her in getting over the line. I knew deep down, that if she did what she was told and kept trying even though it was hard, she would make it. She just wasn’t so sure.

I have this infinite faith that people can completely change their lives if they want to. Now matter ‘how damaged’ they think they are. They often come to me with major doubt, hopelessness and resistance to trying new things. Whilst Katelyn’s journey was an absolute roller coaster, I know deep down she trusted me. And thats what made the difference.

Last week we ran 7kms together. This was someone that couldn’t get off the couch all weekend a few months ago. Why did she do that? Because I told her she would be fine. And she was. Slowly she is building this mindset that she can achieve great things.

Katelyn knows this lifestyle change is ‘for life’. She cannot return to her old habits because it will make her life miserable. In all of this, she has seen that life can be rewarding and fulfilling. I watched her expression on her face slowly start to change as she submitted 4000 video log entries to me each week (I laugh as she was only meant to send me 1-2). She transformed from this scared, apprehensive person to someone who was laughing, confident and feeling darn good about herself.

Katelyn is not only a Bootcamp Ambassador to me, she is everything that I had hoped to achieve in offering a wellness service to my local community. When you give people hope, they can make amazing transformations. So well done Katelyn!! You have absolutely transformed your body and mind… Heres her body transformation…… Its amazing what can happen when you start to feel good about yourself….

The Depression Terminator

Psych Chrissy


To join the next Mind Body Bootcamp commencing in late October CLICK HERE

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