Pauly The Brave


The only man in my life that has the guts to tell me to shut up and stop complaining is my Personal Trainer; Pauly. We have worked together for a few years now and let me tell you his journey (never mind about mine) has not been easy.

For anybody that has never used a personal trainer, my early experiences of doing so were likened to laying on a spiked conveyer belt and repeatedly being jabbed in the eye with a pin. Going to PT in the early days was hell. I would get angry, I would yell “NO!” to Paul when he would ask me to do certain exercises. Much the to entertainment of the whole gym. When I get uncomfortable I get angry, poor Pauly has worn the wrath over the years.

There has also been times when we would argue and fight. Mostly over my poor measurement results and how it was bullsh$%# I could not possibly drink wine all weekend and loose weight. We have endured foot injuries, back injuries, chocolate addictions, excessive wine consumption periods and me becoming a highly volatile business owner. But I know most mornings when I walk into the gym, he is there waiting for me, regardless of what wrath he is about to ensure. And he is normally smiling (WTF), even at 5am.

He even has the nerve to SMS me “I cant wait” in his response to my confirmation of which sessions I am attending for that week. And he is not being smart, he means it. This ‘ball of positivity’ is a bloody glutton for punishment, because he continues to bear the brunt of my crazy moods, unreliable motivation and at times ‘abusive language’ when I am not in the mood to do a Burpie.

Over the past year, he has built me into a weight lifting machine. Thats right, the girl who yelled ‘NO!’ when asked to do something or complained about ‘always doing the same exercises’ has undergone a transformation at the ‘ever so patient’ hands of Pauly the Brave. He has broken into the Psyche of the Psyche Master! My training mindset has shifted dramatically to what it was. I feel a lot of what I have been able to accomplish in the gym has resulted in my survival of being a business owner for the past 18 months.

The ‘NO!’ has become a ‘Yes’ and now I just do what I am told. There are less arguments (I must say we do tend to avoid measurements these days to preserve Pauly’s safety if they do not go well). I drink (not as much) wine, he provides me my own therapy when required and tells me to ‘just do it’ if I baulk at an exercise. I often now taunt him about the weight being too light, or I ask him what he lifts in comparison to me. He always says more, then laughs. I think I beat him sometimes but he won’t tell me.

So thanks for putting up with me Pauly The Brave. It is not easy being the Psych Chrissy trainer. He did admit to me once that I ‘keep him on his toes’ when he could have just as easily called me a massive pain in the arse.

Your new ‘Yes’ Person

Psych Chrissy

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