Corn Chippy Guts



Hunger… It can be like this ferocious monster than comes out of nowhere and starts punching you in the face like a madman. At one stage this week, I had a major gobbledock explosion which resulted in a whole packet of Organic Corn Crisps being strewn all over my desk and into my computer key board as I stuffed the crunchy pieces of goodness into my mouth. The trigger; severe tiredness.

I didn’t even know how much of the packet I was consuming while I remained fixated on my computer screen, but man was I piling these babies in. I walked into my office the next morning feel like sh#$ as a) the gobble dock explosion meant that I did not eat dinner plus I had an everlasting BBQ flavour permeating throughout my mouth and nostrils due to the sheer volume of corn chips consumed and b) I was annoyed that I had pretty much null and voided all my awesome gym work on one packet of chips.

When I realised there were 3 chips left in the packet I gasped and threw the chip packet across the room. I was a Chippy Monster possessed. But one of the things I have learned to do in my everlasting quest for healthy lifestyle is to get over sh@#. When I walked back into the office and observed the damage, chip crumbs in desk keyboard, packet on the floor, low energy due to no green matter consumed for dinner I immediately told myself ‘to move on’. There was once a time where I would dwell on all my little shortcomings…

It happened again the next night, this time it was garlic bread. My ‘Inner Italian’ decided to make an appearance and insist that I have garlic bread with my carb-free dinner. As you please Signor, who am I to argue with this charming inner Italian voice convincing me I had ‘earned’ a piece of garlic bread. So down it went. What was it this time? The fact that I had f#$%ed up the previous night and gave myself permission to go ‘all out’ the next night. Holy Mother of G— I was making a mess of myself.

Oh the perils of freakin healthy lifestyle. Sometimes I just wanna pop up my middle finger and go eat 15 Happy Meals. Maybe I will, who knows. But for now, its clean eating..

Your Clean Eating Quester

Psych Chrissy

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