Couch Wardrobe





I am on a mission to outsource every meaningless task in my life to someone else. Heres why…… welcome to the couch wardrobe AKA where all my clothes go when they are washed. They do not make it to my drawers, they definitely DO NOT get ironed. I am a busy lady who’s sole focus is on taking over the world. I dont have time to put away washing. My house is often cross between a Chinese laundry and a soup kitchen with no dish washer. I once run a competition in one of my facebook groups as to how long my unpacked suitcase would sit in my lounge room after a business trip to Bali! Chaos….

I realised the other week that my life was so dominated by ‘tasks’ and I was being pushed from pillar to post trying to a) make sure I had clean undies each day and b) that I kept my dogs fed and watered. It was proving to be mission impossible. So I set about on a challenge to start outsourcing my life. I already had a cleaner and a lawnmower, but how much of this ‘everyday task’ stuff could I actually get rid of?

Well, its about 6 weeks in and I now have a Virtual Assistant who helps me with business ‘meaningless tasks’. I am sure she is wishing at this point I never found her. The poor woman’s internet went down for a day and it is then she learned all about the Psych Chrissy time lines and what happens if things get delayed. Lets just say she did make a speedy recovery and I am sure she will be sourcing a Telstra Tower with never-ending internet connection as we speak.

My special ‘outsourcing moment’ was made more sensational the other day when my cleaning lady actually re-stringed my clothesline! I have arranged to never call my mechanic for a car service again as I am now on automation. The dogs have a dog walker on the days I cannot take them. I have found a cook to do meal prep, my car has a cleaner. I am looking for a person to do washing. Is there someone out there that does online dating message responding?? Cos Imma coming for ya!!

You see, I wanna either be taking over the world or sipping lattes and nothing else. All these ‘tasks’ gotta go!! If theres a ‘person’ for something, I am going to find them. Can you outsource dog hair removal from clothing and couch? I also need a stylist for the mornings when I stumble in from 5 am gym sash with hair stuck to my head. Actually, can someone actually DO my exercise?? Life be too short for chores and boring tasks. I want full time business adrenaline or vinos sipping in the Bahamas. There is no more room for anything else….


So if you offer a service… Watcha good for?? I may hire ya!


Your Outsourcing Obsessed

Psych Chrissy

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