Highway to the Danger Zone


Most days I feel like I am a Red Bull Motor-Cross Rider in disguise with some sort of freaking thrill seeking disorder. I was slowly just starting to feel somewhat comfortable in my business life, as you know this has been a bull riding rodeo for me. But the ‘Thrill Seeking’ Gang have other ideas, and this has come in the form of moving the Infinity Skin Clinic into its own real estate.

In the last 2 weeks I have made 45 different decisions regarding this, but on the weekend it was crunch time. Soooooo on Sunday morning, I started walking around the streets of Sunbury scouting for a new location for the ‘Little Day Spa that Could’. Its not an ideal business situation for me, but the ‘Little Day Spa that Could’ now needs to fly the Wellness Centre coup. Which means that the business ‘beast mode’ was about to kick off, and every shred of comfort that I was started to experience in the last 2 months was about to be put through that shining new wellness centre washing machine I proudly bought when I started to make some money.

I just put the house that I live in on the market. If I want this clinic, it has to go. It is really weird because I do not feel scared. People shriek when I tell them my house is about to be sold to but the “Little Day Spa that Could” a new home. They say things like “but what about your home?” and “what will you do if it doesn’t work?”. A lot of ‘odd’ things have occurred coincidentally in the lead up to this decision. It appears like the ocean has parted and I have started walking across the water to where I am supposed to be. They say everything happens for a reason, and I have had several of those little occurrences in the past month. The good, the bad and the downright ugly, but it has all lead me here.

So here I go again. A new business. In the prime position of Sunbury. The ‘Little Day Spa that Could’ will be in the limelight in all of its glory. I will have another business to run. No money in the bank. The baked beans are back babyyyyyyyy but I could not be happier. This is why I sit here and wonder whether I have some kind of psychological thrill seeking disorder. I mean, you think I would know?

Your Evil Knieval,

Psych Chrissy

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