Hairy Eyeballs Part 2


Have you ever felt like you are in the constant state of ‘reverberation” in response to your world moving SO quickly. I reckon I have had to make about 45637 decisions this week. Some of these decisions will either propel me to the depths of hellish doom or escalate me to the business heavens (insert several cherubs playing harps whilst feeding me grapes). It is all unknown, but within my control.

I felt absolutely smashed this week from a fatigue perspective. I literally could not keep my eyes open on the road to Shepparton. I am now driving up there two days a week to keep up my Corrections Work. In the background I have been negotiating a new retail site for our skin clinic, managing the preparation of a major skin event at the clinic, a new product launch, staff who consistently need something from me, a coaching business, keeping up social media appearances, managing overseas virtual staff, a mind body bootcamp and private psychology clientele. It is organised chaos.

My phone starts dinging from Bulgaria at 6am in the morning. Its my graphic designer on her “work hours”. She is building us a new website and needs 1000 things from me. Sometimes I wonder, where are you deserted island lilo? Will the poolside gods ever deliver me Mojito Cocktails again? I imagine my bloated stomach munching on seafood and shovelling in Strawberry Daiquiris on a beach in the Phillipines. Then my phone beeps again. ‘Can you find 90 images for this website please’. Oh yeah…. Then I realise I am not in the f$%#ing Phillipines.

I have gone beyond the definition of ‘busy person’. My Inner Boss is out of control at the moment…. Do this, Do that, Whats this person doing, Move NOW!’. I am in the midst of a hand flapping sh$# storm and sometimes I do not know which direction to even go. I went as far as even envying prisoners walking by my group room window so leisurely the other day. I said to my co-facilittaor “wouldn’t it be nice to just walk around in the fresh air, in prison, with nothing to do”. He looked at me strangely… “But they are in prison” he said. I laughed, you gotta be a busy person when you start imagining prison life as an relaxing alternative. Plus my law breaking is mostly confined to parking violations so do not think Ill be making my way there anytime soon.

So…… If you see me with my clothes inside out or a brush still stuck in my hair just gently gimme a nudge… I am likely to have not even noticed…

Can anyone spot me a Mojito on the go??

Your Hairy Eyeballed Legend

Psych Chrissy



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