Girl From Goony Vrs The Panel


I thought it was weird when I was asked to attend a meeting BEFORE I went to meet the owners of the new retail space and potential home of Infinity Skin + Body. I was met by a lawyer and a real estate agent, who were quite clear that I was about to be in for the fight of my life. I was half laughing when they used the words “brutal” and “ball breaking” to describe the meeting I was about to walk into.  Wasn’t I just leasing a retail space?

No, apparently I was about pitch for my life and have to prove my business was a worthwhile enterprise in leasing the space that was on offer. WTF. I was so underprepared, I had thought it was an owner ‘meet and greet’ scenario. We would drink some tea, eat some jam and scones and sign a deal. Never did I think the tea party would be full of sharp teethed mad hatters, or “old school hard businessmen” as they were described.

As the lawyer and the real estate agent filled my ears with horror stories of those who had fronted this panel before me, I listened carefully. There were stories of balls being crushed on tables and those being crucified for “not knowing their numbers”. Whilst my tummy started telling another story, I had this weird calm inside of me listening to the horror. These men did not realise where I had come from. I was the Girl From Goonawarra who had stacked down Goony Hill on a skateboard. I had sat on prison executive panels negotiating with boys clubs about what services I needed, and would normally get. I was the ‘lady who could sell ice to eskimos’ who had moonlighted as a tear gas negotiator in prison incidents. How bad could it be?

When the first owner assertively told me that he wasn’t going to allow me to “piss in his pocket” about numbers and that he was going to decide on his ‘gut’ I knew I was in. He stated he had read my proposal and “had a good feeling about this one”, this was even before I spoke. But when I started speaking, it was glorious. I was seated at the end of the table and pitched my business model hard. I went in for the kill as I breathed in the questions and breathed out total confidence and belief in my business there was no stopping me.

One owner banged on the table, yelling he was sold. He again banged on the table and told me I was “going to make a lot of money”. Little did he know I was selling every asset I had to get this off the ground. And I was wearing $29 Kmart shoes for god sake. But I smiled and as I walked out, I told him “I know”. So now, the process begins. Another business, but with high traffic exposure. Its time to get this party started and take ‘the little day spa that could’ to the next level.

Lets Do This!!

Your Kmart Shoe Lover

Psych Chrissy

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