The Purple People Eater

We ran the biggest event we have ever had for Infinity Wellness on Wednesday night. I was dressed as the purple people eater as the hostest with the mostest (jokes the dress was amazeballs)… and yes it was purple and magnificent. It was a full house. The ‘Little Day Spa that could’ had managed to bring a whole heap of people most screeching ‘I never even knew you were here’ whilst oohing and ahhing at the decor. I laugh at these comments, if these lovely people knew my local advertising budget they would literally choke, so it still pains me that people dont know where we are.

The event was glorious. I keep saying glorious lately like some posh English housewife. Its because even though there were a whole range of things we needed to learn about running a successful community business event, we tried our little hearts out. My favourite thing to do is watch people laughing, smiling and talking to each other in my wellness centre. And there was spades of this on the ‘event night’.

Its nights like this that make all the ‘crazy’ worth it. Only that morning I had dropped a whole bowl of egg on my hotel floor and nearly had a nervous break down over it. The fatigue is a killer. I think things that are not real, I forget things and cant focus, I have hissy fits over overturned egg on the floor. I feel like my lawn mowing man is going to quit if I forget to leave the garage keys out on more time. I am human, but what I am trying to do is super-human. Its the ‘work of 10 men’.

Sometimes I worry about how much I have left. But when I look around and see swells of people coming to my little wellness centre, theres no choice. I am obsessed with the process. The process of creating the ultimate ‘service’. A wellness machine that cranks out results. I want to replicate it a million times. The following morning after the event I started making phone calls. What do I need to do to make these events better? I called and asked a bunch of people who knew better than me. I started surveying guests and other people in the business. What do I need to do to ‘make it?’. I dont think Ill ever ‘make it’. Because I have no ceiling. No success is enough. Sometimes this is my worst enemy, but it is the only thing that got me here.

When I got home from the event after what seemed like my 3456th 16 hour day in a row, I allowed both of my psychotic chihuahua’s to sleep on my bed. It didn’t matter if Chihuahua war broke out in the middle of the night, as when I got home they refused to move. They were staying with me regardless of what I thought. I feel they could sense my weariness. Either that, or they have some irrational anxiety that I may not wake up one day due to some sort of work overdose.

So heres a toast to all the Soiree Cheery Faces that came to help me live the dream. A special mention goes to my poor staff, the ones that actually stick around, as the wellness dream is a tough one, but one worth fighting for…

Your Purple People Pleaser


Psych Chrissy

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