The Castle

Photo 10-5-18, 9 13 10 pm

I was gobsmacked when I was handed a letter that had been circling my local neighbourhood sledging my wellness centre and imploring the local residents to shut down my yoga studio. We were referred to as an ugly house surrounded by concrete with an untidy garden. The person who had written this letter was anonymous. Funny that.

I wasn’t so much as threatened by the vigilante action, but more so that this person could not see the ‘good’ in what we were doing for the community. All the efforts that I had made to provide a space where people could come and make peace with themselves was reduced to being described as an ‘untidy garden’. The small mindedness of these written words in this letter that was circling the neighbourhood really shocked me.

Besides a bunch of other untrue claims that were made in the letter of overcrowded streets (my yoga studio can fit 10 on a good day and I have 5 car parks on site, so go figure) and the disregarding of the fact the complaining person lived on a main road, across from a busy school and church, the efforts they had gone to attack a small business made my skin crawl.

I had been reminded by the all messages of support I have received when I chose to publish this ridiculous letter that my battle was similar to that of The Castle. Minus Denis Denuto the swearing lawyer and his f$%^ing photocopier. The words, ‘Its not a House It’s a Home’ ring true.

We wanted to operate amongst the people in deciding to set up the wellness centre in a residential area, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets of Sunbury. We knew this would significantly limit the scale and size of the business, but it was never designed to be ‘big’ or large scale’. We are in the midst of moving our expanding skin clinic, as now it has outgrown the humble wellness centre site. I am not out to ruin people’s living environment as this anonymous neighbour suggests. I am a fair and respectful person, it frustrates me they wont face me front on and discuss their concerns.

I hope that the ‘nameless’ complainer does find the courage to come and speak with us. I invite them wholeheartedly into the Wellness Centre. Just to see that it is filled with the spirit and peacefulness that their local community come here in search of. We will do anything to make people happy, including finding the compassion to make any changes for this person that is within our power in reducing the level of resentment they have towards us.

I will remain unmoved by these spiteful actions and continue with my wellness movement. As they say, the show must go on…. And it will. Plus Psych Chrissy is no shrinking violet and when the battle lines are drawn, its go hard or go home.

Your Cuppa Concrete Drinker,


Psych Chrissy

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