One Egg Wonder….

Photo 10-5-18, 9 12 32 pm

I did something really bad the other day- before I very quickly deleted what I had done and put my big girl panties on. I wrote a bad business review. I was out to breakfast at a local cafe the other day and there were various issues. Dont get me wrong, Im not a ball breaker when it comes to customer service, but I do have low tolerance for value not being provided and customer service being lax. If I live and breathe this for a living in my own business and coach others to do the same, then unfortunately I have this expectation of others as a consumer.

Anyway, so Im sitting at this cafe pretty annoyed with the goings on to the point where I whip out my phone and start writing a bad review on the business Facebook page. Until I get a flashback—- to a phone call I received this week from one of my business coaching clients who had received a DEVASTATING review (that was mostly untrue and slanderish to be honest). She was so distressed about this post and the potential impact it was going to have on her business name. So we spent time responding to the post and planning how we were going to manage it.

This memory made me stop what I was doing. I KNOW how devastating bad reviews can be as I have supported business owners first hand through this process. I am sure it is something I myself will have to deal with at some stage, so why am I doing this to someone else!? Its such a backhanded way of addressing an issue with someone- writing public posts for all and sundry to see without having the courtesy to at least face them, front on and raise the issue.

So I deleted it. I walked into the cafe and start speaking with the manager. I made the confession, and told them what I had done. That I had written the post and deleted it because I would rather give them the feedback than taint their reputation for all to see. The Manager was apologetic…. and thankful. She refunded my meal in full. Its not what I set out for, but was a nice gesture and one that fully resolved the situation. It’s amazing what can happen when you ACTUALLY address problems. Front on. To a persons face. Not hide behind a keyboard or make public comments on facebook as a way of seeking my revenge, making myself feel better.

Id love to see more of this. Id love to see a social media less filled with business bashing and negativity in our local community and more people plucking up the courage to go and face the issues front on. Bad reviews can be soul destroying on business owners who, believe it or not, actually work blood, sweat and tears to get to where they are. They dont go about their day TRYING to piss people off, or deliberately provide bad customer service, provide a puny piece or sourdough, or overcook an egg. So give em a go!!

So can you do it…? Can you put the ‘Big Girl Panties’ on and be more assertive. I can tell you know, it can make someones day, it can save a business owner from distress, it can make someone grateful, it can assist generate change!

Theres so much more to gain from this besides eliminating mini sourdough pieces as bread!

Your One Egg Wonder,

Psych Chrissy

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