The Prison Trade



Psych Chrissy is getting out of her comfort zone and taking on a new challenge. You wouldn’t think that working inside a prison could act as a safe haven, but it had absolutely become that for me. I remember when I first started Infinity Wellness. For two days a week, I got to retreat behind the walls. I would hide amongst the prisoners in the group room, immerse myself in all things violence treatment, with no phone and no-one wanting anything business related from me. The outside couldn’t get me. To the prisoners, I was just your average Psychologist, going about her day. Slightly annoying, but an average Joe.

To the outside world, I was an emerging entrepreneur. I was over my head in debt, building projects, business modelling (which I hadn’t even ‘written’ down) and out of my depth. I was ‘Psych Chrissy’ the crazy psychologist who went live every Tuesday night to the facebook community, building ‘brand awareness’. I was bursting into the Salon/Day Spa market and starting to gain some traction. I was eating baked beans for dinner. For the last 18 months I have been living a double life. I have found a new area of business, that at the moment, needs me more than the prisoners. And for now, I will approach it at full throttle.

Psych Chrissy is now ‘Coach Chrissy’. I have entered the world of business coaching, just 18 months into my own business journey. I am about to be a ‘Presenter’ one of the biggest salon/ spa industry related events ever known to man. I stand next to people with more than 20 years in the business, to tell my story of how Infinity Wellness came to be. How I become so obsessed with fighting the face punches I received every day of my business life to come out— not bankrupt. I am about to open two locations, how I have done this whilst hiding behind a prison wall half the time is almost bat sh$# crazy. I think it speaks to the fact I have had no life outside of business since I started this crazy journey.

So last week, I stood in a prisoner group room watching the last of my violence program graduates stand up and express desire to make change. I held it together, but on the basis that I have to return. I cant imagine a life with no prison walls, ever. I cant imagine not having a prisoner scream at me at one point to ‘shove a program up my ars*!’. I do really love this work, but my obsession has shifted to business owners screaming down the phone to help them. Sometimes I wonder exactly where this ‘helping gene’ will take me. But I have to follow my gut on this one, even if it has blown me in a totally different career direction, that no-one could have ever predicted.

So Im trading prison life, for full steam entrepreneurial stimulation! The thrill of digging business owners ‘out of the hole’, like I did for myself, has got me excited.

So welcome ‘Coach Chrissy’

I got a feeling its going to be a helluva ride!!

Coach/ Psych Chrissy

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