Kmart Shoe Battle Pt. 2



Okay guys —-so in a week’s time I need to pop on the Kmart Shoes and march my way into the council for another battle about my Yoga Studio. Its so frustrating to think that on the basis of nothing, people can have the power to make or break a certain part of your business. Unfortunately a couple of residents surrounding the wellness centre have taken it upon themselves to take on this challenge. They remain faceless. They wont talk to me. They wont allow me to respond to their concerns. They just launch sly attacks on my business by presenting lies and falsities to the council. Ahhhhh- the joys of democracy hey!

Lets look at the hard facts here. My studio fits a maximum of 10 people. Our average daily attendance is 6 people. We have 5 car spaces on site. You would seriously think we were operating a rave party site with the level of drama that has been raised about this. To think that a small group of Yogi’s attending a local wellness clinic could pose such a threat to the peaceful surrounds of the neighbour hood. I can tell you the Church and School located across the road, who at times have close to 100 cars going to and from their site would create more concern. No…. its the 6 Yogi’s that attend a Yoga class that are creating the most fuss apparently.

The reading of the permit oppositions was a humorous one. I think its one of those situations where if you didn’t laugh , you would become unbelievably maddened by the ridiculousness of the concerns raised. One resident stated she noticed more ‘dust’ around the neighbourhood as a result of people attending the Yoga Studio. Another one claimed there was some rubbish in the street which they suspected had come from our bin, and they didn’t like our garden. How the f$#% do claims like this get to a full council meeting for review and consideration? As a result of these objections, I am going to absolutely waste the tax payer dollar, attend a meeting of local councillors, to have to answer these claims of ridiculousness. Seriously, go and build a competant domestic violence response service, or more local health services mate and stop wasting money!

So apparently I have 2 minutes to plead my case at the council meeting. My whole yoga and meditation service I had pledged to the local community in improving mental health has been reduced to a whole 2 minutes of negotiation. I hope these councillors can see sense. The town planning reports have provided arial shots of the local neighbourhood at various stages of the day with no cars from Infinity Wellness impinging on the local neighbourhood. In fact, one of the ‘objectors’ car was located on the very nature strip they were complaining cars had been occupying. It is an absolute farce, but I wont be going down without a fight.

So Ill pop my Kmart marching shoes on and go in for battle. And if common sense does not prevail, all hell is going to break lose in this local community if this service is lost based on an ‘ugly garden’ and ‘additional dust’ in the air.

Game On Residents

Psych Chrissy be MAD!

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