Two Minutes


The time has come…. On Monday I receive my 2 minutes to convince council members that Sunbury needs my little yoga and meditation studio. That the ‘extra dust’ in my neighbourhood of late (as one of the complainants proclaimed) has not come from the feet of my Yogi’s.

I watched the kids come in for their meditation session this week and my gut churned. I looked at their little faces, being so happy to come and learn how to tame their big emotions. I sat in my office and listened to some of those gathered talk about how good they felt after the ‘mindfulness’ session on Monday night. Another night I heard the current Mind Body Bootcamp participants rally each other to make sure they attended their weekly mediation session as it was time to ‘change their lives’ and start looking after themselves.

What the f#$% am I going to do if I cant turn this around in this meeting? What if these councillors dont realise how important this service is to the community? I have these seconds of doubt as SO much is riding on this measly 2 minutes! That is ALL I have. My whole wellness offering to this community has been afforded just two minutes of explanation as to why it should stay.

But then I know that I cannot accept this outcome, that it was fully up to me to turn this around. I have to get a grip and get the job done. I have often taken the role of ‘human shield’ in my many community service roles, mostly in an emotional sense. So this was no different and I will do it again. I can hear the words of Erin Hanson ‘What if I fail, but my darling, what if you fly?’. And this is my motto.

Twelve months of fighting has come to this two minutes. I hope in my blog next week I can share stories of absolutely sweating bullets but then rising to victory and saving the best wellness service Sunbury has ever seen from small minded gossip and unfair claims. They are lies. Straight out lies. Lets hope justice prevails and the Infinity Yogis can return to doing what they do best…… not bloody disturbing anyone!!

Your Pre-Victory Lap Runner

Psych Chrissy

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