The Kmart Shoes Deliver Victory!




On Monday as I drove into the council carpark I was sweating bullets. As you walk into the council meeting space, its a pretty intimidating environment. There is a large lectern and and about 20 councillors in suits all seated around the lectern. As you know, I only had two minutes to present. Others in attendance were interesting. The public (AKA the Gallery Gripers) had various issues regarding planning and council they wanted to raise. I heard one refer to themselves as the ‘cage rattler’.

The gallery were a disgruntled bunch. They would hiss and groan when they were unhappy with certain decisions. I looked at them with curiosity. I had some admiration of how they took it upon themselves to take time out of their day to make complaints, but gee man, I could think of better things to do with my time! But here I was, defending myself from increased dust and an ‘untidy’ garden so, you know, it appears theres time for this kinda thing for some people.

It became evident to me that those who lodged the complaints against the wellness centre could also attend that session, and state their case. But guess what- they weren’t there. Funny that.

There were some points in that meeting I felt like running away. I was seated in the chair, with the Kmart shoes on, my little book and laptop just waiting for my turn. As they called each case my number, I would have a small bloody heart attack thinking it was my turn- but it wasn’t. So I waited for the next one. I had to talk to myself a lot. I said things like, ‘Cmon you’ve worked in prisons’, ‘you’ve dealt with more intimidating situations that this whats your problem!’. I sat there internally punching myself in the face trying to quell my anxiety and rev myself up for the two minutes.

Then my number got called. Holy F%$#. Then a weird feeling came over me, I just went cold and strolled up to the lectern. I spoke about my passion for mental health services within the Sunbury Community and how my wellness centre came to be. I told them I was representing the Sunbury people and the fact there were not enough holistic health services to meet demand. I felt like bloody Michelle Obama and my Kmart shoes were loving it sick.

Then I was quite surprised by what happened next! My view of the council had pretty much been one of unfairness and ridiculousness prior to me coming here. But as the Sunbury councillors stood up, one by one, praising the merits of my business and commending me for my actions. One even quoted my blog and asked if I had my Kmart shoes on!? What in the blooming heck!?

I am an open book, but I never thought that people actual read what on earth I am doing and saying. But these councillors were across everything. These little beams of juicy goodness actually gave a shit! My internal fist pumps were ablaze as all the councillors took a vote… And saved us!! I wanted to run around the room Lleyton Hewitt Style screaming ‘C’Mon!’, high giving all the councillors, flicking the bird to all the Gallery Gripers….. Cos Psych Chrissy just won de battle!! But— I just slipped out and went to the car… Then went LIVE and told all the local peeps who were freakin amazing and loved it!

So- I hope this is it. I hope we are now free to continue in our quest to help the people. Thats all we ever wanted. So Peace be with you grizzly neighbours, if you ever reveal yourselves come and have a cuppa, we promise we’ll water the garden and do a ‘dust buster’ round the place in preparation..

And for me… I might bloody upgrade me shoes to the Target variety!!

Your Lleyton Hewitt Fist Pumpin

Psych Chrissy

One thought on “The Kmart Shoes Deliver Victory!

  1. bdubya83hotmailcom says:

    Stick with the Kmart shoes. And rename them your boss kween shoes. Those things are blessed with the power to help you out your best foot forward. Great job and well done πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼

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