Operation; Sunbury Wellness

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Guys…. Im about to embark on a mission. Lets just call this- Operation; Sunbury Wellness. Ive tried this before and it bloody failed dismally. Last year I sat one of my wellness staff members on the phone and called all the local businesses. Her task was to offer everyone a free wellness pack, worth $69.95. The motivation was to spread self care cheer amongst the community, however it was met with nothing but paranoia, contempt, suspiciousness and downright rudeness. I must admit, as a new business owner in the Sunbury area it left a real bad taste in my mouth.

Why the heck wouldn’t local businesses want to offer their staff and their customers free bloody wellness packs? They didn’t have to do anything but send a link out so they could claim the darn thing! But we were constantly stonewalled by people thinking we were trying to ‘sell something’.

This time, I am changing my tact. I didn’t reveal last time we did the call around that this was an initiative being run by the local psychologist – Psych Chrissy. At the time, I didn’t think I had to- it was a freakin cool thing to do and I thought people would be champing at the bit to get one of these packs!

My absolute aim of this exercise was to increase the public profile of wellness and self-care, not to flog my services. Isn’t it a shame that when you try and do something nice, there is a tendency to ask ‘but whats the catch?’. Or to say ‘send me an email and Ill look at it’. C’Mon dudes!!!! Get your staff and customer wellbeing on the agenda! They are the pinnacles of your business success so you should be spreading the goodwill cheer!

Keep your eyes peeled for my promotional videos on facebook because Im going to be hitting this HARD!! The Psych Chrissy mug is going to start beaming into your facebook newsfeed compelling you to take these packs. The wellness packs have been designed to engage people in self care conversations. To encourage people to look after themselves, to make the time to prioritise themselves and to just start ‘feeling darn good’.

Infinity Wellness was born for the purpose of delivering ‘feel good’ and happiness to the community—- so they better start accepting it! I promise you I do not have a bunch of steak knives to offer you as an upsell, or a dodgy ab cruncher as a gift with purchase. Just. The. Gift. Of. Wellness!!! What we are here for…….

Your Dodgy Wellness Anti-Salesperson,

Psych Chrissy

Oh and heres ya freaking wellness pack-

CLAIM IT!! https://m.me/infinitywellnesscentre?ref=w5106563

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