Why I Founded Infinity Wellness



I am on the banks of Burleigh, up here on the Gold Coast. I am up here for a business immersion if you could see my little T-shirt of ‘The Network’, this is the coaching program that I have joined to work on my business and personal development. Over the last couple of years I’ve been slowly growing and developing Infinity Wellness to become, I suppose the go-to place in my local community for health and wellbeing and lifestyle. I pretty much dedicated the last two years of my life just trying to make that happen. So it’s quite sort of to be here today just trying to build more success, and I suppose get Infinity Wellness to where I want it to go.

It’s really motivating, I suppose to come up here upon to the Gold Coast, just to spend a full week reflecting on how far I’ve come, planning for where I want to go. Because I’m absolutely passionate about being able to provide holistic health and wellbeing sort of solutions to my local community.

When I first started this, I was really pumped to make a difference in my local community and provide an alternative to the medical model and all of that sort of stuff. But as I got more and more into Infinity Wellness, I’m just starting to realize that I’ve got a much bigger opportunity to influence change and to contribute in a meaningful way to health and wellbeing. Coming up here is really, just made me stop and think, “Where do I want to go with this? And why would I just stop,” like in my local community where I have an opportunity to influence change and to make people feel good on a major, major scale. How gorgeous is that?

So the sun’s just starting to rise, guys. I was up at … What was it? Quarter to four this morning, quarter to four this morning!! Coming up here, doing a bit of a walk, getting up early, it was all about the challenge of really pushing yourself. How bad do you want it? How bad do you want to achieve your business and your personal development? How do you want to live your life? And then you come up and have sort of moments like this. When you really get really have a crack, you really have a go at these massive opportunities out there for you to live this fricking amazing life. For me, that’s what I’m about. If you’re not functioning in a way you need to or you’re just not living a life that you fully happy with, I want people to know there’s a choice. That you can ACTUALLY change that.

There’s a choice for you to get out there. There’s so much opportunity these days and I want to be the inspiration for that. I want people to look at the Infinity Wellness brand, look at the Psych Chrissy brand and go, “You know what, I might have a go at this. I might have a go at pursuing my life in a way that’s meaningful and that makes me happy.” Because I think for me, when I first started Infinity Wellness, one of the first things I wanted to do was de-stigmatize psychology. Unfortunately, asking for psychological assistance or reaching out to health professionals for mental health and all of that sort of stuff is still not where it should be. I mean, we’ve come a long way, but we’re still not where we need to be as far as people being okay with doing that.

One the first things I wanted to do when I first started growing Infinity Wellness was to provide a space where people didn’t feel like they were walking into a medical center and being hit in the face with fluro lights and having a doctor tell them they needed to be on all this medication. Not that there’s anything wrong with medication, but it’s just to provide alternatives for people that they could, I suppose take control of their lives in lots of different ways from a holistic health perspective. That’s why I got into this game because I thought, if I could just reach out to one person sitting at home, and for all of you out there, you’ve probably seen this on Psych Chrissy videos and I go live every week. I’ve been going into people’s lounge rooms, trying to deliver psychology in a way that it’s so easily accessible. And if there’s just one person out there that goes, “Oh, maybe getting some help or maybe accessing psychological services or wellbeing services is not so much of a negative thing or something that suggests that I’m weak, then I can do that”

Over the last couple of years, that’s effectively what I’ve been trying to achieve with Infinity Wellness. There are people out there, not leaving their house for whatever reason, or not coming into the health services, or not knowing what to do about their life situation. These days, social media makes it so easy to access people, so easy to reach out and provide that connection even though its through a phone screen, whatever else, social media, Facebook, but I really love that. Whilst social media has definitely got its downsides, it’s provided me with a massive opportunity to reach out to people that potentially would never ever consume psychology, or they would never ever consume wellbeing services. That makes me so pumped.

When I think about the evolution of Infinity Wellness I don’t reckon it would be where it is today without social media. Without me having most platforms to be over to reach out to people, to motivate people to think differently, to reach out to the person that thinks, “I don’t think I could do yoga,” or, “I can’t meditate,” or, “I’ve never thought about coming along and doing a self-development program.” Just really trying to normalize those holistic health offerings.

When I was trying to provide really good quality health services in medical centers, and I often had a bloody curtain in the face, or I wasn’t allowed to bring chairs in because people had to sit on swivel chairs or they had a bloody doctor’s bed in there. And I just thought, “There’s got to be better options in this for people.” It’s hard enough for people to come in bare their souls and talk about things that are really difficult to talk about without getting a curtain in the face, or without hearing a kid vomit in the in the hallway. So, that really pushed me and drove me to put everything on the line pretty much. Sell everything and I’m still selling things to continue this dream, with Infinity Wellness going to a second site in the next few months. We’ve got the skin clinic moving out and becoming independent and really starting to thrive in its own right.

Even that, for some people it’s like, “How does the skin clinic fit into holistic health or wellness?” Through my own experiences, health and wellbeing services, whether that be relaxing massages or what you’re able to achieve by a skin treatment around self-confidence and helping people feel good about themselves. All the services that I put into Infinity Wellness are about making people feel good. That’s how I cam to make a decision about, what do I include in this wellness center? It’s that evaluation around, what this is going to do for somebody. Is this going to provide, joy, meaning? Is this going to inspire someone? That’s pretty much how we compiled all the services that went into Infinity Wellness.

There we go guys. There’s Psych Chrissy’s thoughts on the ethos and design of Infinity Wellness. Inspiring people to want to make change, want to live a life that is fulfilling, is their lives everything they want it to be, and making that accessible as well. Where you can actually feel like if that’s something that you want, but you can go and get it, 100%. So here we go guys. My inspirational reflections on living your best life, and why I wanted Infinity Wellness to be a vessel for that.

Your Wellness Qween

Psych Chrissy

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