Pen Rage



Guys, my absentmindedness when it comes to locating three critical items required in my day is killing me at the moment. My Pen, My Phone and my bloody car keys. My little Entrepreneurial brain is often in overdrive, which means theres not a lot of extra room for ‘random stuff’ in my head like…. where I put my car keys?

I am no jokes, up to about at LEAST an hour in lost time each day looking for one of these three items and it is driving me insane. Now, when you are forever seeking all types of harebrained ways to be more productive, this does not go down well. You may have read my previous blogs on outsourcing- I literally do nothing in my own house but sleep and work. My ‘lady’ does everything for me, which enables me to run four highly successful businesses. Buttttttt, what I dont have is a fool proof method to find these three critical items.

The mornings are hard work. I recently moved into a ‘townhouse’ which means the ‘walls be veryyyyyyy thin guys’. I would hate to be my neighbours in the morning, listening to the Psych Chrissy rant on locating car keys. When Im not yelling at dogs, Im screaming for phones or car keys. The other day I literally counted 7 times that this absentmindedness had occurred. And its getting worse, now I am forgetting my lunch and my purse. WTFFFFF someone help me!!

This morning, I drove to the drive-thru coffee lady, no purse. In her hilarious Asian accent she said ‘Againnnnnnnnnnnn’ ?. “Yes bloody again” I internally ranged. I had also forgotten my lunch and dinner, but Id discover that later on. I am seriously wondering whether anyone else on the planet suffers from these consistent blank brain moments?

When I moved into my new house, I purchased myself a white ‘key basket’. I was extremely happy with this purchase as I had announced to myself that I would never loose the car keys ever again. I was imagining myself with zero frustration in the morning, floating down the stairs singing ‘The Hills Are Aliveeeeee’ and finding my keys placed securely in my white key basket. By the next day, the keys had been evicted from my white key basket. And the next day after and the day after this. In fact, I think the keys lived in the basket for ONE WHOLE HOUR before they never visited that place again. It was a key house fail, and I was back to the drawing board.

I seriously do not know how to overcome this pesky issue of losing important items that are critical to my day running smoothly. The Psychologist who runs a million businesses cannot locate her personal items not once, but several bloody times a day? Is there some kind of item locator ‘radar’ that you can program ‘Find Pen’ and it will just throw it at you somehow? Seriously, this could be an amazing business idea! I would certainly fund such an endeavour.

Anyways…… shout out if you are a sufferer of this severe absentmindedness condition! Where all my ‘lost items’ homies at!? I cant go crazy on my own!

Your Forever Looking Pen Rager

Psych Chrissy



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