Non-Bulletproof Butterfly Wings



Did you notice I didn’t post a blog last week? Hmmmmmmm major confession- I bombed out on my self care and was quite burnt out. I finished my day Thursday and absolutely protested against even writing a word because my eyeballs were literally falling out of my head.

I had a tough week for a whole range of reasons. Sometimes I feel like I am chained to my desk, having not seen the light of day, having not spoken to anyone about anything apart from business, and sometimes it sucks. My new house is positioned across the road from a park, and my home office literally looks over it. I often sit at my desk peering outside, imagining what it would be like to spend the day at the park. I watch the people running around the playground, with their dogs and kids and wonder what it would be like to be outside… on a Saturday.

But hold the violins guys, as this is my life choice. I have chosen to pioneer the health and wellness industry and this is my cost. But last week, I was really burned and became extra resentful at those people running around the park!

As such feelings had been more prevalent of late, last week I had sought myself a ‘Spiritual Mentor’ basically someone I can talk to who has NO idea about business, but knows everything about looking after yourself. Why a ‘Spiritual Mentor’? Because I cant see a Psychologist. Unfortunately my profession means Im probably going to spend the whole session picking apart what the Psychologist did or didn’t say correctly, what they failed to explore, and my mind needs nurturing- not analysis. So this is why I have resorted to the spiritual side of self care as opposed to the clinical one.

Being a lover of all things holistic health, I thought it was the best choice for me. I thought this was a worthwhile story to share also because Im not f%$#ing bulletproof and sometimes everyone needs some help, even Psych Chrissy. I am also an advocate of ‘help seeking’ in any form that suits you best. So here I am, help seeking, which has not always been my strongest skill. As a ‘helper’ it is often VERY difficult to ask for help. But last week, I had to.

I also sought the ‘help’ of someone that has been with me from the very start of this life-changing escapade, which is Infinity Wellness. My amazing yoga instructor Maria. In the past, she has cleansed the wellness centre when in need, cleansed my consultation chairs in my treatment room, cleansed me (even though I warned her I might catch fire!). So Saturday morning, instead of watching the people running around the park, I went and had my energy ‘re-adjusted’ at her amazing Reiki healing and massage studio. Then I literally slept for 48 hours. It was intense, I was floored with fatigue and pretty much battled it all this week, until this morning.

Im not sure what ‘Ju-Ju’ she removed, but it was something that had a profound physiological effect on me. I am waiting for this to pass, I have woken up feeling somewhat more refreshed today, one week after treatment. But it has been a battle. I hope whatever it is, it pisses off forever. But I also plan to get my energy adjusted more regularly! Anyways, heres to getting ‘well’ and ‘feeling good’ with all the amazing options we have available to us these days in modern life!!

Your Ju Ju Cleansed

Psych Chrissy!

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