Evil Balls




This is a blog that I definitely would never have wanted to write. It is suspected that my dog has cancer. It started as a feeling that something wasn’t right. He had been drinking lots of water, in fact both of my dogs had little ailments here and there in the last couple of weeks, so I decided to take them both to the vet on Wednesday.

The lads are getting old, being 13 and 13.5 years old. Only 6 months between them. So as I piled them both into the vet on Wednesday I suspected I would get the usual commentaries about arthritis and tooth decay etc etc.

I have to physically take them into the bloody vet separately as they hate each-other. One stays in the car whilst I take the other one in, otherwise we get a dog war scenario and its not unusual to see my two Chihuahua’s go toe to toe (pure parental embarrassment people) as we walk into the clinic. So Fonzie watched Strauchanie and I march (more like Strauchanie shook) as we walked into the clinic first. All whilst Fonzie shook like mad in the car waiting for his turn. Crazy Chihuahua’s and their neurotic shaking, especially at the vet.

The usual anxiety I feel as I watch Strauchanie sniff around the clinic, praying to god he didn’t cock his leg on anything. He is a mad pee’ er at the best of times. He pees on my dog walker most weeks. So Im hoping he dont pee in front of a room of pet owners waiting their turn. I eyeball him, and he eyeballs me like he give no f$#@s and keeps sniffing around.

He punches another dog in the waiting room, when I had my back turned at the front counter. This dog I swear, he may be old but he’s a cheeky bastard. So as I walked him into the consult room, I was blissfully unaware I was about to have my heart crushed into a million pieces. A large tumour. In his man sack. WTF.

I smile to the vet and ask many questions, trying to keep it altogether trying to work out what to do, which test to take and what needs to be done in the next week. The vet was unsure about whether the queried tumour may be cancer (he said due to the size it was likely) and whether it had spread, so he wanted to keep my boy for some XRays.

The day was long, but spent on the phone to my business coaching clients. The show must go on. I had told a couple of them and they were sympathetic. But really, I needed those calls to stop me from running around the neighbour hood screaming like Whitney Houston for the tumour to not be real, and that my boy makes a full recovery.

The last few weeks with the lads had been chaotic. They had been attacking each other regularly and making right arses of themselves. One had been expelled to my dads place at one stage for a ‘time out’, this was Strauchanie. This vet visit made it all seem so trivial, The are definitely high needs Chihuahua’s but I was never going to end up with anything else was I?

Ive only ever pondered life without my best friends during times I was pulling one off the other ones ear, or cleaning up piss marks on my walls. But I never REALLY thought they would go anytime soon. I hope Strauchanie can beat this. I dont know what I will do in this world without him. He sleeps next to me, he sits next to me, he lies under the desk belly up with I slave away working for his next Schmackos. He is also bloody going to cost me a small desert island in vet fees to get this shit fixed!

There is no cancer in his chest. His man sack gets cut off next week, plus he needs more ultrasound on the rest of his body. Whatever the case, Im sure this mad bastard wont go down without a fight. Life without my boy is something I cant even think of. Not ever.

Send Him Positive Vibes!!

Your Terrible Chihuahua Tamer

Psych Chrissy

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