The Frame

The Frame



The other day my brother rang me in a panic asking ‘How the f$%# are you going to run another social media account, like how many accounts can you have at once?!’. It was my new business page. In my mind I thought, a social media account? How about another freakin business that is popping up before my eyes!?

Our new site of Infinity Skin + Body is slowly coming to fruition. As I received this text picture (refer picture attached), reality set in that I was about to become a business owner of two sites. The familiarity of ‘new business’ life is slowly starting to come back to me, as almost two years ago to the month I was doing the same thing. I have come full circle in two years and sometimes I wonder if I am ready for another ‘baked beans’ round.

Everyone knows I financially did it ‘real hard’ in my first 12 months of business. I continue to have my weeks and months where this is still the case but things had settled towards the end of last year as business really started to pick up and finally get some traction last year. If I can get the money side of things right this round, it will be an exciting venture.

Money is my only stress. The day to day rigours of running business is what I enjoy and look forward to. Not so much selling every asset I had to get this project off the ground. I find other people’s reactions to my business life fascinating. There is a lot of fear in what I do that arises in other people, when I talk about what I am doing. I am often not met with joy or excitement about my new business ventures but more so very wide eyes and queries about whether I am going to burn out. Do you have enough money? How are you going to have time? Thats if they even enquire at all, and just choose to watch it all unfold on social media.

I think that if you can survive a start up business (well the first 2 years anyway) you are not going to topple over as easily as people might be fearful you might. Theres no self care in start up life, its f$%#ing 24/7. And Im ok with that, plus I still have my wits about me…. and I wont get ahead of myself but this time just seems ‘easier’. I know what Im doing, for one, and I have a great team that I have built from scratch that fully back everything I do. Its not just me on my own, theres a crew in place.

So the Infinity Juggernaut is coming to the main drag of Sunbury. It may be the first time the ‘underestimated’ (which I feel is how Im generally seen by others in business life)Β is seen or even acknowledged for the first time. I tend to hide in the shadows of Sunbury business life but soon I will be seen. My little wellness centre hideaway that is being built into a monster is finally about to come out into the spotlight, into the eyeballs of Sunbury Central.

So, stay calm peeps Im not about to keel over or burn out- theres a whole lotta me left and Im doing what I love….

Your Soon to be Main Drag Host

Psych Chrissy

2 thoughts on “The Frame

  1. Daniela Boerma says:

    This is amazing congratulations Chrissy reach for the stars 🌟 I love a business woman who acts on her goals and dreams not just talk about them. Success only comes to those who are willing to work for it πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘warmest regards D β€οΈπŸ™


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