Jaw Clencher


The other morning I woke up like someone had literally kicked me in the face. The head was pounding and I suspected that maybe my wisdom teeth were giving me some grief. I have occasionally had jaw pain over the years, maybe once or twice a year and I put it down to the fact that the last time I visited the dentist was in 1985 and Im probably needing my wisdom teeth out, which is like, yeah, you’re dreaming! I have had massive dentist phobias for forever, and literally have only attended when I haven’t been able to eat anymore.

I felt bloody horrendous all day and even thought maybe I was coming down with the flu? My head felt heavy and my eyes and throat were sore. Just my luck, at the busiest and most craziest business time- I was about to get sick.

So I started plying myself with Cordral and Olive Leaf Extract. But on Thursday morning, I decided to enquire with my mate at the gym, who is also a local dentist, whether my jaw pain was a threat that maybe my dental hiatus was about to be over, and I would have to go…..

Immediately after I started reeling off my symptoms, he asked if I had been stressed. I looked at him with my eyeballs wide open half wondering what this had to do with the price of fish. As I thought about it, I know that I had a lot to do in terms of opening a new business, the regular rigmaroles with cash flow, the build and commissioning process of the new business, my dogs cancer…… Hmmmmmm….

‘Jaw Clenching’ is what he put it down too. Instantly, I knew he was right. I never really acknowledge feelings of stress in my mind, it always plays out in my body. Huge pimple craters- tick – had a few of those babies in in the last month. And now this. My body is telling me that its bloody had enough of all the cortisol floating around due to stress and I better take notice, and as I wasn’t listening, it decided it would leave me with a half bung jaw and a bloody splitting headache.

I feel like telling my body to piss off and bloody get a life, Im trying to do some work here. Ive get sh%$ done and as Kadeesha from Los Angeles says ‘Aint nobody got tiiiiime for dat!’. I know I should be listening, for goodness sake I go to gym every morning isn’t that enough self care? Apparently not, and I get it. I feel like physically my body does do the hard yards and I do push it to the absolute limit and this was its way of saying ‘Scuse Me, any chance of a lilo and a mojito in the next couple of months’.

Theres no mojitos and sun hats on the horizon, so me and ‘the bod’ are just going to have to cut a deal…. Not sure what it is going to be though, maybe Ill wear a mouth guard to bed for the next couple of months!

Your Favourite Jaw Crusher

Psych Chrissy

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