The Bad Review



This week I watched in utter amazement that our Infinity Wellness Facebook Page received its first ‘bad review’. Someone had engaged in an argument with one of our automated messenger bots and had become SO aggravated they proceeded to send disgusting language to our messenger system, then write a bad review.

This person has never stepped foot inside of our business, yet she could smear the sh$# out of us in a public forum, reduce our star rating, all because she didn’t like talking to a robot, and for whatever reason on that occasion the bot wouldn’t do what she asked it to.

I sent her an inbox. Because even though she had spoken to us in a disgusting manner, and took the time to slander the crap out of us, as she had left her email address in one of the picture messages she decided to plaster all over our review page. She had revealed her personal details, plus all of her vile language that accompanied that by a storybook of pictures, to the world.

So I messaged her, explained the bot automation, let her know all of her personal details were plastered all over facebook in her pictures and kindly let her know that leaving reviews like this really hurt small businesses. Deep down I was thinking she had no right to leave a negative review as she had never even received a service from us. She had never witnessed the amazingness that goes on in Infinity Wellness and how invested we are in community health and just helping people in general. But she could get her phone and in the flick of an instance, leave a review that could affect our business forever.

She told me would remove her picture with her details on it. But didn’t bother to remove the rest of the absolute garbage she had written on our page. Yeah thanks love, I didn’t have to tell you about exposing yourself all over social media, but thanks for the support.

The review is drowned out by people who love us, people who have had amazing service and ACTUALLY stepped foot inside the clinic. But its not the point. Facebook has allowing these attacks on small business for a long time now and it absolutely sh#ts me to tears. Sunbury has a Ups and Downs Facebook group solely dedicated to tearing the crap out of local businesses for the most stupid and petty reasons. I feel sick every time I read another local business being pummelled by someone for ‘not cutting a sandwich the right way’ or for ‘giving the wrong change’.

Give us a f%$#ing break. The keyboard warrior world has a lot to answer for in the small business slander department. As a business coach, some of the most distressed business owners I have had to support, had contacted me in regards to this reason. Someone had annihilated them in Facebook reviews for unfounded and ridiculous reasons.

I too, had ALMOST been inclined to write a bad facebook review a while ago for some really bad customer service I received at a local cafe. Instead, I walked into the cafe and spoke with the manger and confessed I had nearly done this. The look in her eyes was of sheer horror. She too new the potential impact of this and immediately refunded my whole meal. I couldn’t do it to her. No matter how bad my customer service was, I knew via the crying and distressed business owners I had supported in my time that this would not be fair. And I did not want to be responsible for inflicting that pain.

My business coach has always said to be ‘the bigger you get, the more haters you get’. What a sh$# reality, but its true. And I should probably brace myself for more. I must admit, I didn’t lose sleep, it just pissed me off that someone had the power to do something so crappy with minimal substance or justification. If you’ve got a problem, go talk to the person instead of bag them out in a public forum. I think this says more about the person, than actually does the business

So to the lady that took it upon herself to take those few minutes out of her life to sh%$ on my business, I laugh because you’ll never get those minutes back. You wasted them on negatively and maliciousness. Then, just literally as I am writing this VERY paragraph – someone else pipes up in that actual Ups and Downs page and writes something negative about our business for trying to sell them products. WTF!!!! Ah, I think Ill bloody call it a night before my head freakin explodes….

To Facebook!

Psych Chrissy


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