Off The Chain


My level of busy-ness right now is absolutely off the chain. And it almost seems that when Im trying to juggle all these balls, someone grabs the balls mid-air and starts pelting them into my face. This is also known as, whatever can go wrong often does.

I think I ran over a chinaman in a past life. I have just been 27 rounds with banks and finance people, who struggle to see my vision and refuse to even give me 50 cents to do what I need to do. It’s definitely been a massive financial pressure to open another site within a 2 year period and pay everything that needs to be paid without any support or assistance from the finance peeps, cos #bankroyalcommission….

Whilst receiving 15 financial door slams in the face, my dog got cancer. Then he got secondary cancer, and then it turns out he didn’t have secondary cancer, after a major operation that cost me eye watering amounts of money. Its definitely eating baked beans time for me again….

The time pressures are also rife at the moment. Trying to get a new sensor tap installed at 930pm the night before a council inspection at the new site the following day…… and of course the tap connection snaps… That is after this tap was attempted to be delivered 3 times, but the driver didn’t understand he needed to leave the delivery… 3 delivery cards later and 37 calls to a Malaysian Call Centre and finally there dude got it a week later… but the night before the council inspection..

I go to confirm my signage is all good to go, and the sign man has gone overseas…..

I am one week out from presenting at the biggest Salon Event God has ever seen, this falls on out first weekend trade day for the new clinic. I wont even be there. My facebook ads are being rejected for unknown reasons. I have rain pissing into my house because the dog door is inserted into the screen rather than the glass door and they need to get out, so…… rain into the lounge room…

Every time I look at the clock its 3 hours later than I need it to be. There is not enough time in the day. I remember writing a similar blog post like this earlier in my business life, when the wellness centre was trying to take off and low and behold Im here again! Sometimes I wonder why I place myself in such precarious positions, because I know its all my own doing.

A podcaster by the name of Alex Charfen, believes my constant state of ‘Off the Chain-ness’ is due to the Entrepreneurial Personality Type…. Apparently we have a thirst for the ‘what next’ and a drive to make all dreams a reality.. Well buddy, Id appreciate it if you cut that section of my brain out for the next 12-18 months cos the chain is getting thin!

If you see me running down the streets of Sunbury, gimme a wave and tell me to take a chill pill. Cos hell I need one right now. Or maybe just a margarita.. Either way- Ill take whatever is going.

So if your out there right now, in ‘Off The Chain’ mode gimme a wave, maybe we can both have a margarita and a brain lobotomy that removes the ‘dream making’ section for a period of time…


Your ChinaMan Bulldozer,


Psych Chrissy


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