Chrissy GrowthCon


IMG_3878 2Guys at the moment Im running my own little ‘internal’ GrowthCon. This week, I opened my second business location AND I am keynote speaker at the biggest event ever to be run in the Salon Industry. At the event, they provide guest speakers with a mini room to present a ’round table’, theres 50 spots that people can reserve, and mine is nearly FULL.

What the actual f@#$.

Two years ago I was sipping margaritas living forensic sub-contracting life without a care in the world, and NOW I am a multi-business owner about to rage on the big stage?? How the heck did I get here?

I am eerily calm about this weekend, even morbidly excited. The thought of presenting in front of 800 people at an industry event would probably ‘choke’ the average person to death with fear but I am not scared. Maybe Ill start packing my dacks (not even maybe highly likely) when I enter ‘hair and make-up’ before I enter the ‘Big Arena’.  It is strange how excited but calm I am at the same time about the big event. I know I have so much to give and I cant wait to share it with everyone.

The big stage is giving me as much of a thrill as taking my first ‘walk in’ sale yesterday. I was pumped. I sat like a Cheshire Cat on the front counter at the new Infinity Skin and Body site and all of a sudden, two customers walked in. I quickly shuffled all the papers and Tim Tam crumbs around my work station out the way and started talking all things skin with my newfound, curious customers who had walked in and stated they normally travelled to the city to get their skin treated.

Well did I have some #shoplocal interactions with those guys. And they were lovely… They happily walked about with a bunch of new skincare products whilst I sat quietly fist pumping behind the front counter… My first ‘walk in’ sale, and it was glorious!! This ‘high traffic, walk by’ business might be a thing! For the whole of my business life I have had to beg, borrow and steal for business to walk through my front door. Now I just amazingly watch them walk in off the street….. and I cant believe how easy it is!

Well, not easy but easierrrrr! I would love for this part of my business journey to be easier than the first leg. It might be wishful thinking, and it has already punched me in the face about 25 times in the last few weeks but I am gunning for some momentum! I am hoping for a break. Let this be LARGE, Let it be AH-MAZING, let this leg of business life be less strangling of my cash flow hahahahahaha…….

Anyways- its off the the arena for Coach Chrissy, Psych Chrissy, whichever ego you love most so wish me a big LUCK!!! The Girl from Goony is off to tell some people how to do business!!


Psych Chrissy

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