The Book



Over the next few blogs your going to hear some of the ‘crazy’ that went on at SalonGrowthCon over the weekend, which I was a speaker at. And when I say ‘crazy’ I mean beyond my wildest imaginings and thats pretty bloody crazy.

Im going to share with you a range of experiences, but first- ‘The Book’. I was seated in the lower audience trying to catch a glimpse of some speakers, as Id been flat out in the Green Room imagining my high heels getting stuck in the stage floor and falling flat on my face and a range of other horror scenarios before my big presentation. So I needed to get out and distract myself.

So as I sat there taking it all in, a lady had snuck up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder. As I turned around, this smiling angel appeared with a book in her hand. She introduced herself as ‘Sam’ and god love her, proceeded to tell me how much I had inspired her and she had bought me a book.

At this point, I thought she had the wrong person, but she referred to me by name she said ‘Chrissy’ and she was definitely looking at me and not the person behind.

The book was the most glorious collection of sequins, and the sequins formed one word. ‘Awesome’. I looked down at it wondering how on earth I had come to inspire someone SO much, they would go out of their way to purchase me a beautiful notebook, with a sequinned ‘Awesome’ on the front, walk down a whole row of stadium seating, tap me on the shoulder and give it to me. Like…. what the actual… f$#%.

Everything moved in slo mo as I looked in wonder at this amazing notebook, that had been purchased, for me, Chrissy, the Girl from Goonawarra who had come to a conference to present to an industry she never thought she would land in and talk to people she never knew, would believe in what she had to say SO much.

It was a surreal experience as it was NO mistake, comparably to the other speakers at this event I was a mere lightweight. Welllll, thats what I had believed at the time anyway (a range of other experiences to be discussed in future blogs will prove me wrong in this department) or at least highlighted my own self view to be ‘quite out of whack’.

When you seek to help others, you dont really think about how that might feel for them? I mean I dont, Ive spent a lifetime as a ‘helper’ so it doesn’t even cross my mind that someone may even appreciate you to the extent of buying you a beautiful book and taking time out of their day to tell you how much you’ve helped them. In prison land, your thank you is a middle finger and a ‘your f$#%ing not as bad they say you are Miss’ but never something as lovely as this. You almost become habituated to ‘thankless’ helping in the forensic field. Which is why I felt this was such a shock.

The written inscription on the book read ‘Thank You for all of the inspiration’ With Love and Gratitude, Sam. My heart pounded out of my chest like on a rollercoaster ride when I read this, as everything came together. It was the very start of me starting to realise why I was here. I had come to help at the largest scale ever, it was everything I had ever wanted but the universe had decided it had to be somewhere other than Corrections. I had landed here for a very good reason, and now it all made sense. The universe does not do ‘accidents’ in terms of fate.

So as Psych Chrissy gets used to her newfound ‘inspirational’ impact, she’s still the same bloody vino swigging, swearing, unconventional, psychologist who is often described as ‘not everyone’s cup o tea’….. But Im freaking glad I made it here.. to do this inspirational stuff.


Your Newly Graduated Mother of Dragons AKA ‘Speaker To The People’


Psych Chrissy




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