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I have had a prick of a week this week. In fact, my week had been so chaotic and troublesome that my head nearly exploded and I suffered a nose bleed during a call to one of my clients. I didn’t even notice until I went to type something and blood was all over my hands. It looked like I had gone to war, but I was merely providing business advice.  I often only experience stress physically in my body, my head doesn’t recognise it because over the years I have trained it to be quiet. But the body speaks, and it often speaks loud. So here I was looking like a f$#%ing Id gone 10 rounds in a boxing ring stemming the blood from my nose whilst trying not to drip anything on my beloved MacBook Pro.

Often somehow the universe also knows when I need a lift. Low and behold as my eyeball opened at 5am the following morning, an angel had visited my facebook inbox.

One of the aspects of the Beauty/Salon industry that I have been pleasantly surprised by is the apparent Sisterhood that exists. The reason why I write this is because very frequently I get messages of support, gratitude, and encouragement from woman who are also treading the same Entrepreneurial path as me.

So yesterday, I woke up to a message in my facebook inbox from a beautiful lady who often pops up on my lives, and we chat every now and again, telling me how special I am and how much she has enjoyed watching me grow over the past 18 months.

What a bloody doll face. Just when I think about throwing my iPhone under the bed and sticking my finger up at the world, she appears. Earlier in the week, the same thing happened. A random text message on my phone, from a Salon Sister telling me to have a great day. She just messaged me this, out of the blue! I often wonder how I even register in someones mind for them to do this.

A lot has changed since I started this Entrepreneurial journey. The phone has stopped ringing, the invitations have stopped. The people around you stop enquiring, or asking how you are. So it becomes a very isolating place. I also return serve on this, I simply do not have the time to invest in anything else than entrepreneurial visions and its bloody more than a full time escapade. I also dont want distractions, or efforts that take my time away from getting where I need to go. It sounds cold, but it is what is required.

When I receive little gestures liken this, I dont think the person realises how much of an impact it has. So much so, I made a decision to do this myself and share in the positivity and uplifting of others by dropping messages in my Salon Sister’s messenger inboxes. I think maybe all of us should do this, you never know whats happening for people and it could ACTUALLY make their day…..So Thank You my SalonWorld Sisters. Thank you for reaching out, and sharing this f^%$ing roller coaster ride with me.

Your Grateful Nose Bleeder

Psych Chrissy

P.S Here was the message I received…..


IMG_4436 2


2 thoughts on “SalonWorld Sisters

  1. Bernice says:

    I feel you Chrissy. Your blog resinates with me and for 18years I’ve lived trying not to be hardened, trying to be successful but bit isolated it seems like an impossible balancing act. You are doing an awesome job. Inspiring us all just by being you. Being honest. Being real.
    Thank you xxoo


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