Kondo Karate


A few weeks ago you might remember my life turned upside down, when my cleaner of many years had to quit due to a back injury.

Well what a freakin roller coaster of first world problems its been since then.

I had a new cleaner. For a week. Cleaners are an interesting group of people I must say. In taking calls and being very specific about what is required, to say the least, they are a ‘flighty’ bunch.

The demise of my one week old cleaner was an interesting one. She was a great cleaner, then a slight misunderstanding about an invoice sent her into a marauding tail spin and she was out the door.

Surely my mountains of dog hair, the need to understand ‘pre-paid’ cleaning services and whether she should be sending cleaners to my house that were not ‘trade tested’ was not that off-putting? Apparently so. The ‘Break-Up’ phone call was even weirder.

I sat there at my desk scratching my head after this conversation. Possibly she decided my cleaning job was not a ‘good job’ after all, and she was looking for an ‘out’. It was all very confusing.

Then I got mad, FFS it cant be that hard to find a bloody cleaner who wants an ongoing contract (and a hefty one) I might add.

The all of a sudden, the universe opens and in walk, the Kondo Karate Kids. Two woman, mother and daughter. I knew them from some previous interactions. But they looked around, nodded with the ease of the job, told me they had been providing gardening services but wanted to increase their cleaning portfolio. And BOOM- they were hired.

It wasn’t like a had a choice anyway, my jocks were close to inside out wearing and the dog hair mountains were growing by the second. What could I lose really?

I then thought about the ‘job’ they were undertaking and whether they may disappear a week in like the last one. Could I be that bad?

I mean, I looked over my desk and did witness several food scrap marks, about 5 empty mineral water bottles (calm down 2 weeks worth peeps, no cleaner remember)…. and I am known to leave my food container where I was eating it. And shoes, sometimes (ahem always) they are where I took them off. Naaaaa surely theres worse.

The moment I walked into my house after their departure was something similar to Alice In Wonderland. I smelt a freshness, minus Chihuahua, as soon as I walked in. There on my bench was a bloody bottle on lollies with the label ‘Enjoy’.

Now Im a cheap date when sweets are involved, but upon seeing the glorious mini mars bar offering instantly my brain twigged that I was “possibly onto a winner here”. Not a hair on the floor, not a shoe in sight.

I twirled around with the silent soundtrack of The Hills Are Alive, and headed upstairs. And it was here I nearly f^%$ing foamed at the mouth in excitement.

My drawers, the ones who, could never seem to accommodate the gym tops, singlets, nor anything bloody else I tried to stuff in there, were friggen Marie Kondo style folded. It was magnificent. I squealed out “What the f^%$” as I peered into my closet, stuff fitted, it was folded. Theres actually room in there….

I, Psych Chrissy, had encountered domestic heaven. Cleaner heaven. Who were these Kondo Karate Experts and where had they been all my life. I had since got them back to re-organise everything clothing related. They purchased hangers, and shoe boxes, I can literally cartwheel in my walk in closet its so fricken organised.

The Kondo Karate Kids have cleared not only my clothing volcano, but my life! And it was magnificent!!! The pic down below is a sample of the amazing-ness!

Well my friends, I have survived my cleaner woes and come out on top. I am hoping these little cleaning Kondos actually stick around, I think they will, they are pretty fabulous…

Your Kondo Folding Admirer

Psych Chrissy

Hail Marie Kondo…..



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