Psychology Couch For Sale



I have decided to close my psychology private practice. When I write this, I feel like a freakin Psychologist/ Business Lady / Coach/ Wellness Guru in career crisis.

The last 12 months have seen me retire from Corrections, run back to Corrections, halt my business coaching caseload, to then go ‘all in’ on business coaching, work full time on my business, to almost fully remove myself from the business and replace with myself various managers and operational staff….. when will I decide what to freakin do?

The problem with the Entrepreneurial Mindset is that my decision making and focus is like being in a washing machine on spin cycle 24/7…

I try to find where my time is best spent, how I want to spend my time, where it might be most valued and it seems every second week I come up with something different.

I am the definition of: ‘Moving Feast’ in a professional career sense.

Some of my clients have seen me for donkeys years. Whilst it wasn’t a good feeling to shut my books and send some clients a break-up letter, I knew I was doing it for the best. The reason behind my decision is I need to go back to Corrections, but I cant do it all.

I recently took a short term contract back at Corrections, after taking a hiatus at Christmas and deciding my work there was most likely done for a while.

As I became reinvigorated by the prison hustle again, deep down I knew I had to return. But something had to give….

I missed that I could swear like a trooper and no-one would bat an eye lid. I loved moving around the group room, two-ing and fro-ing, ducking and weaving all the men in a psychological state of glory.

You cant get that stimulation from anywhere, except a Corrections Group Room.

I could be a bloody Astronaut one day at this rate. All I know is that work life is an abundance of opportunities, twist and turns that would quite frankly just be freakin boring if I had it another way.

I may be reducing my ‘psychology couch’ time, but Sunbury Community and Social Media World—ya still got your Psych Chrissy, she aint going anywhere (annoying voice and all).

Your Psychology Couch Seller

Psych Chrissy



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