The Joker and The Thief



We got robbed last week and its my fault. Someone decided to walk in off the street and clear help themselves to the products that were sitting on the shelves whilst my girls were out the back of the shop.

Infinity Skin + Body is a brand new shop front and we are NOT used to having walk buy traffic by any means. We have probably done a heap of happy dances with the new exposure it has given us, but little did we know this was about to bite us on the butt!

I dont have a receptionist at the moment. You know, new business, costs are high, everything is trying to level out after spending a crap load of cash on lush fittings and beautiful renovations for the new store.

My stupidity cost me a shelf load of product and a wounded ego. I have worked in Corrections pretty much my whole adult life, I know how this works. Offender walks by, sees an unattended counter, opportunity arises, they walk in and grab. End of Story.

Why on earth I didn’t understand that this was a certain possibility for me, in the event of not having a receptionist is beyond me! I have read these police briefs a thousand times.

So now, we set out in search of a staffing arrangement that sees someone on reception for most of the time. Our client journey dream is to have a fully manned operation, where clients have luxurious foot baths and herbal teas delivered to them in reception. We were getting there, we just needed a bit more time.

I know a common defence by criminals who steal from businesses are ‘but they are insured’. I have heard and challenged the excuse a million times. What they dont realise is the business owner is the most vulnerable person they could steal from.

We dont get insurance back for that, the excess to claim is too high. What we get is a diet of baked beans and sausages for the next 3 months in struggling to pay for more staffing, a massive loss in stock and a big fat headache regarding how to pay wages to cover all that cost.

So to the person that decided to take what was not theirs, send a business into financial disarray, and knock the confidence of happy and motivated staff,  I hope you enjoy your skincare. May your skin have all the adverse reactions under the sun for using cosmeceuticals you were not prescribed. And smile, because you were on street camera.

And God Help the next offender with the gall to tell me that a business is insured!


Your New Front Counter Dweller

Psych Chrissy

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